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Edgar’s, carries suits and blazers, silk ties, dress shirts, and Fossil bags and accessories, watches, fine writing instruments, notebooks and stationery, and other accessories.

Edgar's will meet your needs in all areas of professional fashion. Suits and blazers, silk ties, Fossil bags and accessories, fine writing instruments, notebooks, fragrance, and other classic accessories. 

A Lesson in Generosity: Nailing Your Next Gift Opportunity


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A Lesson in Generosity: Nailing Your Next Gift Opportunity

Edgar's Emporium

Proverbs 19:6 reminds us, "Everyone is a friend of the one who gives gifts." It seems to be a law that when you do good, good comes back to you. Not necessarily in the same form, but we all receive joy when we are generous.

Too bad we mess it up sometimes! Here are a few tips to take every advantage of the next opportunity to bless someone with a gift. 

1. Consider the recipient

People value items, thoughts, and time differently from one another. That means there is no such thing as a stock gift. You have to personalize the gift in order to make any impact. This truth also means that the receiver maybe different from you as well, so that awesome iPad Mini you want so much may not hold the same value to them. 

So what to do? First, know what they value. Second, craft a gift or theme that suits what they value. Here's an example: For the person that values time,  you not only buy a fantastic fountain pen, but you distinguish the gift by personalizing stationery for their home or office. Now your gift communicates effort, thought, and time which will be more important to your "time" oriented friend.

2. Consider the Timing

Most people relegate gift giving to birthdays. Yours' or Jesus', its somebodies birthday. Well, timing won't mean so much then because it is expected. But think about how much timing means for other gifts. A celebration, a promotion, a ceremony, or a 'just because' gift can feel vastly different based on the delivery and timing of the gift. 

Pro Tip: Mix and Match your considerations. If the recipient values affirmation more than gifts, consider the timing of the gift by giving it to them in front of people in a formal way.

3. Consider the Consequence

Not planning for a gift is not an indictment on your forgetfulness but on your carelessness. That sounds brutal, but its more of an invitation to change.  But to those who struggle and always rush for the last minute silver bullet, I promise you can be authentic and pre-plan. Planning shows thought, and thought shows care. The more meaning you can put behind the gift by planning will pay dividends in communicating love.

Now, what good is theory unless you practice? I hope you have thought of someone you can bless with a gift coming up. Whether its DIY or an amazing deal at Edgar's, we hope you use the next opportunity to hone your craft in gift giving.