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Edgar’s, carries suits and blazers, silk ties, dress shirts, and Fossil bags and accessories, watches, fine writing instruments, notebooks and stationery, and other accessories.

Edgar's will meet your needs in all areas of professional fashion. Suits and blazers, silk ties, Fossil bags and accessories, fine writing instruments, notebooks, fragrance, and other classic accessories. 


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Customizable Notebook System– A Review of the Levenger Circa smartPlanner

Edgar's Emporium

Steve and Lori Leveen, the founders of Levenger, make a pledge to their customers. They pledge to “bring you thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed products, responsive to your needs and wishes.” The Circa smartPlanner embodies this commitment. While debatable the most customizable planner on the market, it lacks some of Levenger’s hallmark professional style. Nevertheless, it offers impressive strengths. You can personalize the planner, arranging pages using the Circa system and inserting airplane schedules, meeting plans, and shopping lists using the Levenger “apps” pages. You are able to schedule your work and leisure days in any combination of yearly, monthly and weekly agendas. It has clear, large sections for each day with notes to reflect on the week. Here is an overview of our thoughts:

Heritage: The Levenger Circa smartPlanner history

The Circa line is Levenger’s offer customers organizing products that bend to the individual’s personality. For years they have been working on this line. Using the creative Circa binding combined with cleverly designed pages, the Circa series allows you to remove any page from your notebook and place it in any other place smoothly, quickly, and without creasing your pages.

The smartPlanner is genuinely the most ingenious of all of the Circa family’s innovation. The meeting, shopping list, note-taking, and traveling “apps” allow ultimate week-by-week organization. These “apps” are template sheets in the back of the planner modeled around the concept of smart phone apps. Clearly, Levenger’s team had their customer in mind. Strenuous Monday morning business meetings, heavily scheduled business trips, and diet sensitive grocery runs become easier with the intuitive design.  Levenger’s intentional pursuit of intuitive products for their customers’ needs results in a planner which offers optimal customization.

Innovative: A customizable notebook system for daily, weekly, or monthly planning

“Planners are limited,” a common thought when selecting a planner. Traditionally the customer is forced to choose between the different brands on the basis of how they organize days, usually monthly or weekly. They are constrained by the template of the journal. However, Levenger has put freedom back in the pocket of their consumers.

The smart planner allows you to schedule from an overview perspective the year and month. Then, schedule week by week as the need arises. It has sections devoted to yearly, monthly, and weekly planning; consequently, you can schedule the month at a glance early on, or months before, and with arising obstacles, adjust a week accordingly. Levenger planners are responsive to your needs.

Practical: Clear and large planning spaces

Contemporary life is busy. Today’s man or woman has a range of commitments: family, jobs, study, and exercise. Each commitment fighting for attention, demanding schedules and time allocations for each day. Professionals often have a company book filled with lunch meetings, project deadlines, and company seminars. Families have spaces dedicated to Estes Park ski vacations, sixth-grade violin rehearsals, and if time stretches enough, babysitters for date nights. The student balances his weekly required reading, paper deadlines, and class schedule on the freebie college calendar he got during orientation.

We are busy; balancing multiple commitments. It is an inconvenience to have to consult two or more planning mediums for each new appointment. The large spaces and sections for daily notes in the circa smartPlanner allow you to amalgamate a multi-faceted life into one ring bound. The area dedicated to each day is the largest offered by any of the major planner brands. In addition, the raw simplicity of the page layout allows a complex schedule to be planned with clarity and ease. The smartPlanner has maximized every page for practicality.

The smartPlanner’s cover sports the motto,“accept no limitations.” This is the heart cry of Levenger’s latest planner. The flexibility of the Circa family heritage, the ingenuity of the Levenger team, and practical customer designed functionality come together in a planner that offers personal customization and schedule comprehension. Although, this is not the kind of planner you would bring to a CEO business meeting, it is the kind of planner that will enable you to adequately prepare for such a meeting. The smartPlanner has embodied Levenger’s cause to bring you products “responsible to your needs and wishes.” Drop by the store or give one of the friendly team at Edgar’s a call and ask about the Circa smartPlanner.