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Edgar’s, carries suits and blazers, silk ties, dress shirts, and Fossil bags and accessories, watches, fine writing instruments, notebooks and stationery, and other accessories.

Edgar's will meet your needs in all areas of professional fashion. Suits and blazers, silk ties, Fossil bags and accessories, fine writing instruments, notebooks, fragrance, and other classic accessories. 


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Graduation Gift Guide

Edgar's Emporium

Graduation is a time for gratitude. The student soon to graduate has so many reasons to give thanks. On the upward trail towards a degree there were hills that they had to overcome and plateaus where they needed renewed strength. Looking back from the summit of an academic career, we have the opportunity remember those who have helped.  As you seek to celebrate, these categories of gift ideas will help you rejoice with your loved one and equip them to begin new adventures.


The soon to be graduate has worked long hours; the last semester in particular is often very strenuous. As their classes and papers compounded, they had to clamp down on leisure time. Give your son or daughter something that will help them rejoice and recover. Here are a few suggestions:

1. A Classic Novel—likely the person you care for has spent the last few years reading more text books and academic sources than you can imagine. But one thing you can do is help them recover the joy of pleasure reading by giving them a classic novel to read this summer.

2. A Hiking Pack—set your friends up for an adventure. Encourage them to celebrate the journey towards graduation with a hike in the mountains.


College and seminary builds memories. Their school no doubt invokes a sense of nostalgia—it was here that they built lasting friendships. Give them a gift that will encapsulate those memories allowing them to be treasured in years to come. Here are some choice gifts that will help them remember:

1. A Campus View Print—there are a range of great campus view canvas pictures available that enable your graduate to take a little bit of their seminary or college with them when they leave.

2. A Seminary Tumbler or Mug—Southern Seminary’s campus gift store Fifth and Broadway has a great selection of handmade mugs and travel tumblers. These mugs with the school’s crest on them are a practical gift that provokes daily coffee-time memories.


Graduation begins the summer long interlude between study and life’s next adventure. Your graduation gift need not only inspire celebration and memory for your loved ones; you can also consider a gift that equips them for the next stage of their lives. Graduation is, after all, a celebration that someone is ready to begin professional life. Here are some ideas to equip your student for an internship or job opportunity:

1. A Messenger Bag—a leather messenger bag is a practical gift that will last and look great for years. It will provide your student with a way to organize their daily work and personal items as they begin a new job.

2. A Shave Kit—Give them are sharp groomed look with a new, steel safety-razor, some smooth shave cream, and a badger-hair shave brush.


There are some gift ideas that have endured through the centuries as great gift choices for graduates. These are items that are traditional and always a good choice. Here are our top suggestions:

1. A Quality Pen—Give them a pen that they can use to write personal letter and thank-you notes to their church members in their new ministry position. A new fountain pen or rollerball pen enables your graduate to express their personality and care to those they minister too.

2. A New Blazer—help your student make a good impression by buying them a high-quality blue blazer. A sports blazer gives a clean and timeless look for your student regardless of what their next adventure is.

Graduation is a time for gratitude. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to look back and share the joy with your friend or family member who is graduating this semester. Remember to stop in to Edgar's to celebrate with our graduation special, Buy One Get One 50% off store wide.