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Edgar’s, carries suits and blazers, silk ties, dress shirts, and Fossil bags and accessories, watches, fine writing instruments, notebooks and stationery, and other accessories.

Edgar's will meet your needs in all areas of professional fashion. Suits and blazers, silk ties, Fossil bags and accessories, fine writing instruments, notebooks, fragrance, and other classic accessories. 


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Refresh: Thoughts on How to Invest Your Time this Summer

Edgar's Emporium

 A view from Main St, downtown Louisville. 

A view from Main St, downtown Louisville. 

As a semester closes and a summer begins, we can take a deep breath. Summer is freedom. After a tight semester and work schedule, the summer recovers our freedom to choose what we do with our time and energy. Use this time to get the rest you need. But, after you have successfully caught up on sleep, we encourage you to make a summer investment. Think through how you can capitalize on new found time. Here are our suggestions to help stimulate your thoughts.


From a distance the Louisville skyline is a picturesque panorama. However, close up Louisville is a city with great need—giving you a great opportunity to serve. The Louisville Rescue Mission is currently looking for extra volunteers for the summer; you can volunteer here. Likewise, the global refugee crisis has brought refugees from all over the world to the city of Louisville and Refuge Louisville is working to give you opportunities to serve them—here are the service opportunities with Louisville Refuge this summer. Give yourself for the joy of service to others this summer!


Southern Seminary and Boyce offer a strategic way for you to get ahead on school. By taking just two classes every summer you can knock a whole semester off the time it takes to complete your degree at Boyce. J-term and online summer classes at Boyce or Southern save you time, however, there is also a range of specialist classes on offer each summer that are not available during the regular semester. One such class to consider is Dr. Dan Dewitt’s master level class on the life, writings, and legacy of C.S. Lewis. A great option, for undergraduate students, is Dr. Charles Draper’s advanced level class on interpreting the book of Amos. The opportunities that Boyce and Southern offer each summer give you an opportunity to study some great subjects and maximize your summer. Check out the full range of opportunities at Southern!


Summer freedom enables capitalization and improved efficiency. Summer classes enable us to press on with study, but summer freedom also give us time to reflect and prepare. Every semester we study and grow at such a rate that it can be hard to process. So use your summer to reflect on the past semester: what areas of your time management can be tightened up for the future? What area of your church, school, and work commitments would benefit from more attention in the coming semester? 


Serve, study, search, with your summer, but we encourage you to top it off with the kind of journey that only summer freedom enables. Take a summer sojourn. Take a temporary excursion out of the regular schedule of your life. Take some time off work and spend some time somewhere you have never been. There are a range of absolutely-stunning parks around the Louisville area like Red River Gorge, which is only a two hour drive away, and has breath-taking beauty. Another great and affordable option that is just a little bit closer to home is the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens; they are only thirty minute drive to the eastern side of Louisville, but have an international reputation in the world of flower gardens. 

Don't waste the summer! So, after you have finished resting, think about how you can best invest.